Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Welcome to My World

Hello and welcome to my corner of the Muslim world. I am Hanan, a fairly new muslimah ( a convert, or in Islamic terms a revert).

I wanted to blog about my journey to Islam, and what I am learning as I take this huge leap of faith.

I live in Canada, but in a part that doesn't have many Muslims. Can you say I am the ONLY single female muslimah for miles around!

I reverted last summer when I lived in Toronto, so for my first 2 weeks in Islam I had sisters, but that didn't last long. I soon moved to where I am now, and well that left me without sisters to learn the deen(faith) from. It left me questioning, it left me wondering so many things.

It left me not even really understanding things like hijab, the salat, wudu, halal and so many other things. I had to learn the Salat from the internet and still I question am I doing it right. I don't know what it is like to pray with other sisters. I watched a video online to learn how to wear a hijab, which to be honest I don't do very much. I learned Wudu online as well. I read the Quran in English and with that it brought me clarity.

This blog is my way of reaching out to other sisters, it is my way of being part of the Islamic community. It is goal here to leave something of note, something that can help other new muslimahs. Thank you for stopping by!


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  2. Hello, Hanan, pleasure to read your blog - I came across it in one of my internet ramblings. :D

    I will be very interested in reading about your progress throughout your journey - I am on that journey myself, albeit still upon the Christian Path (but not as Christians of most varieties would see it, as I find myself unable to subscribe fully to the doctrines of any standing denomination). At times, I find it almost as difficult being a Christian in Canada as you describe your experience of being Muslim (I don't fit in either), and just about as lonesome. Thankfully, my nature tends towards natural introversion and seclusion anyway. :D

    I'll be interested to learn more about your journey - what it is that you're actually looking for, what it is that you hope to find and how you find it through Islam - I have a feeling that the Spirit is the same, and that I will see many things reflected in your experiences on your pilgrimage to those I've had on my own.

    Peace be your Journey, Friend. :D